Email List Cleaning

Over 17,000 customers trust Vetta Marketing for business email list cleaning services.

At Vetta Marketing, whether you are purchasing a list or just need a business list cleaning, we perform several checks and verification’s to determine whether an email address is deliverable or undeliverable. To find out if an email is valid, we do a DNS verification and MX lookup, conduct an SMTP check, access our internal database, and use proprietary algorithms to ensure your list is clean and verified. For immediate service, please call our toll free number at 866-994-1114.

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Here are the steps we use to clean and validate email addresses

Keyword Scrubbing

We remove keywords such as spam, abuse, junk, etc… from your list of emails because those could potentially be red flags for spam traps.

Domain Verification

We remove all of the blacklisted emails and domains from our in house suppression list of roughly 30 million records.

Email Validation

We validate each email address in your database. This is done through a syntax/domain verification system that removes hard bounce emails.

Vetta Marketing’s Business, Consumer & Specialty Databases Have Been A Trusted Email Data Source Since 2006

Why Choose Us?

Verified Email Data

We guarantee to have the freshest, most accurate information found anywhere. Every email address list with postal information is checked against the U.S. Postal Service’s National Change of Address (NCOA) service, so your list always contains the most current, most deliverable postal information available. Every address is updated and standardized using USPS Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) certified software.

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Industry Leader

We’ve been in the email list industry since 2006. We can help you find the right list for your offer.

Customer Service

We pride our company on making sure our customers are getting the best service when choosing the right email list.

Quality Email Lists

We stand by our product when it comes to the quality email lists we sell. All email lists are validated prior to delivering orders.

Data Replacement Guarantee

No email list is perfect, but rest assured for any reason you encounter a hard bounced email that we sell you, we will replace it 100%

Free Customer Update

We want to make sure your lists are delivering at its max potential. We offer a free email update just for being a customer of ours.