Opt In Email List Marketing

Effective Email Marketing Solutions:

To succeed in email marketing you need access to a high range of quality opt in email lists. At Vetta Marketing we can offer you highly targeted email lists and more! With over 10 years experience in bulk email marketing, we are highly qualified in getting the best response out of your opt in email list marketing campaigns.

To ensure excellent response rates we ask every single recipient for their individual interests so you can keep your opt in email marketing offers relevant. Following best practice, we also ask each recipient to confirm their willingness to receive offers (double opt-in) and to avoid over exposure, we restrict the number of times each recipient can be contacted (frequency capping). In addition, we constantly maintain the high quality of every bulk email list. All this ensures that we generate the best click thru rates to achieve more return on your investment.

You can send your fully customized email marketing message to our database of over 90 million opt in consumers or 10 million U.S. businesses. Whether you require a bulk marketing effort or a laser targeted niche audience, our team of email marketing experts can help customize the right program for your company. We maintain meticulous data hygiene and use fully compliant methods that guarantee your bulk email list is delivered promptly, properly and effectively. We also have a web based email marketing platform that allows you to send your own customizable email marketing campaigns.

Targeted Email Lists

We currently license over 90 million consumers & 10 million businesses in our Nationwide database. These are the largest, most comprehensive targeted email lists by any other source. We can customize your marketing efforts by targeting specific selections that are most likely to respond to your offer and increase your sales.

Our database is constantly updated and validated to ensure the highest quality. Our sources include credit bureau information, state and federal public records, secretary of state records, business trade shows, industry licensing, opt-in and more...

We guarantee to have the freshest, most accurate information found anywhere. Every email address list with postal information is checked against the U.S. Postal Service's National Change of Address (NCOA) service, so your list always contains the most current, most deliverable postal information available. Every address is updated and standardized using USPS Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) certified software.

     ·        ·        ·        ·        Some of Our Specialty Databases Include

·         Doctor Email List
·         Dentist Email List
·         Student Email List
·         Poker Player Email List
·         Real Estate Agent Email List
·         Fishermen Email List
·         Insurance Agent Email List
·         Golfer Email List
·         Smoker Email List
·         Nurse Email List
·         Chiropractor Email List
·         Church Email List
·         School Email List
·         Teacher Email List
·         Medical Email List
·         Traveler Email List
·         C-Level Email List
·         Catholic Email List

·         Investor Email List
·         Restaurant Email List
·         Boat Owner Email List
·         Pastor Email List
·         Mortgage Broker Email List
·         Job Seeker Email List
·         Business Email List
·         Principal Email List
·         IT Email List
·         Lawyer Email List
·         Auto Dealer Email List
·         Consumer Email List
·         Gambler Email List
·         Human Resource Email List
·         Christian Email List
·         Wine Drinker Email List
·         Pet Owner Email List
·         Hunter Email List


Shopping around? We are competitive so if you find a qualified list at a better rate, show us the quote and we'll beat it.