Email List Cleaning

About our list hygiene services

In order to be successful with your email marketing, it requires a clean email list. With emails constantly going bad, keeping your email list clean and up to date can be quite tedious. Vetta Marketing email hygiene services can provide everything you need to improve the delivery rate of your email list. Our email list cleaning service detects and removes undeliverable email addresses on your list. We scrub your email list using our proprietary data cleansing system.

What is Email Validation?

Here are the steps we use to clean and validate email addresses

  • Keyword Scrubbing – We remove keywords such as spam, abuse, junk, etc... from your list of emails because those could potentially be red flags for spam traps.
  • Domain Verification – We remove any blacklisted emails and domains from our in house suppression list of roughly 20 million records.
  • Email Validation – Our in house verification system validates each email address in your database. This is done through a syntax/domain verification system that removes the bulk of the hard bounce emails.
  • Our Business Services Include